The Difference Between Stove Top and Electric Pressure Cookers

These two names are used to refer to a pot whose operating principle is the same: maintain a pressure above atmospheric pressure, which allows increasing the boiling temperature of the water to shorten the cooking times of food.

It can be said, therefore, that the two are pressure cookers.

What is the main difference then? What is the best pressure cooker?

  • Speed

An electric pressure cooker is capable of cooking food in less time than a “normal” stove top. This is due to the pressure at which they are able to function.

The foundation of pressure cooking is based on the following:

  • In a normal pot, the water boils at 100ºC. From that value, the water does not increase in temperature because it simply evaporates.
  • Pressure cookers have a tight seal that prevents steam from escaping, thereby increasing the temperature of the water.

Electric pressure cookers have two speeds (pressures). One for cooking the toughest foods (meats, legumes, …) and another for the most tender foods (vegetables, …).

This allows you to adapt the cooking speed to the food you are cooking.

  • Health

Electric pressure cookers are healthier because they preserve nutrients and vitamins better.

This is a compelling reason, especially if we take into account that what we eat has less and less nutrients.

In this sense, a pressure cooker is better because it cooks faster and does so with less water. By reducing cooking times by almost half, the loss of vitamins is considerably reduced. Check here!

  • Shelf life

The objective of a pressure cooker is to cook at temperatures above the boiling point of water. For this, they must reach high pressures inside.

If the materials are not of good quality, all kinds of problems will soon begin to appear since the wear to which it is subjected is very strong.

Some people invest in a cheap pressure cooker in the hope that luck will be with them.

Disengage yourself, this does not usually happen. You will soon have regretted having bought it.

The difference between a decent pressure cooker and a bad pressure cooker is not a lot of money.

  • Spare parts

A bad stove top will soon disappear from the market. There is a lot of competition and pots that don’t perform well often disappear from the market soon.

Today you are lucky that thanks to social networks and online stores where people pour their pressure cooker reviews, we can quickly get an idea of ​​whether a pot is good or bad.

When a pot is no longer manufactured, the same happens with the spare parts, these usually stop being manufactured and it can be difficult for you to find a handle, a valve or the closing gasket. Click here for further details:

  • Security

Although I don’t want to alarm you, since most pots have more than enough safety mechanisms, a good electric pressure cooker has some safety extras:

  • Cooking slide: Prevents the pot from opening while there is pressure inside.
  • Primary pressure valve: It lets excess steam escape while the pot is on fire.
  • Pressure indicator: Signal that tells you the pressure inside the pressure cooker.
  • Safety valve: In case of failure of the primary valve, the safety valve activates and lets steam escape.
  • Gasket Window: When the safety valve fails, the pressure cooker has a window that would allow steam to escape.